by pixy
Gain valuable insight into the most important aspects of your business with graphical metrics and custom reports.

Custom Reports

Create your own custom reports using the criteria you want in order to slice, dice and view the data in exactly the way you need. Export all your reports in Microsoft Excel, CSV or PDF formats.

Scheduled Reports

Have you ever found yourself sending the same reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Schedule reports to analyse and share important information routinely.

Sales Forecasting

Forecast your revenue and assign targets for your team. Make better forecasts by accounting for completed sales, current targets and cases about to be closed.

KPI Reports

Measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI) including conversion rate & response rate to see how effectively your company is achieving key business objectives.

Dashboard Reports

Take advantage of visual charts and graphs that provide an at-a-glance view into big picture results such as how many cases are at which stage of your workflow process.