Documents & Records

Documents & Records

by pixy
Easily upload, save and share your documents securely in MedSoftPro.

Patient Photos

Upload photos directly to a Case in MedSoftPro. The photos are displayed with tools to rotate and zoom the images allowing for reviewing patient photos directly within MedSoftPro. High resolution uploads of images are supported to provide the level of detail required for a professional to review.

Attach Files Directly to Cases

Add files directly to Cases in the MedSoftPro. Just click the Files tab in the case and go ahead and add the file. You can also add a new file and associate it with the case or select the one you’ve already uploaded to MedSoftPro previously.

Add Files to MedSoftPro

Attach a relevant file to individual emails sent from the MedSoftPro. The file can also show up when looking at the particular case associated with it. The right document sent at just the right time can be the difference between a closed deal and a lost opportunity.