Enterprise Ready

Enterprise Ready

by pixy
Higher profits mean higher stakes. Comprehensive security features and fine-grained permission settings keep your business online and your data safe.

Secure Data

When you’re dealing with medical data, security is always a top priority. But often, organizations have to balance between protecting their customers with heightened security and giving employees the freedom to get the work done. With its built-in security features, MedSoftPro meets both of these requirements.

Put the right responsibility into the right hands.

MedSoftPro’s enterprise-level security features allow administrators to set different levels of access permissions so they can keep a close eye on who can do what and view which information.

Tighten security with two-factor authentication.

In the era of phishing attacks and identity theft, relying on your password alone is no guarantee of security. Two-factor authentication in MedSoftPro provides an additional layer of security for your account. Log in using your mobile phone or Authy.

Stay secure with strong password policies.

A strong password is the easiest way to prevent malicious users from accessing your credentials. MedSoftPro’s passwords require a mix of numbers and upper and lowercase characters, making them harder to crack.