Case Management

Case Management

by pixy
Managing cases are at the heart of MedSoftPro. Make every opportunity a success from the very first contact through to completion using MedSoftPro’s next-gen tools.  Create custom milestones, assign tasks & follow-ups and get real-time metrics.


Manage the stages and milestones for each case and assign the tasks to be completed in each step of the process.  See instantly the case progress, patient details, currently assigned user, files, photos and more, all in one place.

Case Routing

Cases in MedSoftPro consist of milestones and tasks which can be assigned to different users.  MedSoftPro notifies users when their is a case requiring their attention and all the case details and uploads are easily available to each user when and where they need.

Alerts & Warnings

Receive instant notifications of any potential health or other issues which need to be considered during the processing of the Case.

Events Calendar

Add events to a case such as patient’s arrival, consultation and travel schedules. All events are displayed in both the MedSoftPro calendar (which can be synced with your Google calendar) as well as available when viewing the case details.

Instant Messaging

Stay up-to-date and communicate directly with others about a case using MedSoftPro’s messaging system. The messaging system provides an instant way to quickly chat securely and all communications are available for future reference.

Products & Services

Add your services or products with pricing information and group them by category. Your services/products will be available across all cases.

Patient Portal

Provide your patients their own secure access to selected case information, further streamlining the workflow process.  Patients can upload new photos, communicate with the coordinator through instant messaging and access their schedule and files in one place.