About Us

About Us

by pixy

With years of experience providing services to international healthcare providers, the requirement for a healthcare patient management system was identified. Existing systems being used were either a custom solution designed for a single healthcare provider, which would often not get updated and quickly become obsolete as technology advances. The alternative would be an off-the-shelf customer-relationship-management (CRM) solution which are too generic to use for healthcare patient management.

In 2017 MedSoftPro was launched to cater for those healthcare providers and agencies who wanted a modern & customizable patient management system tailored specifically for the healthcare market with affordable payment options, first-class support and ongoing development and new features.

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MedSoftPro offers you insights into your business, providing the information you need when you need it, simplify your processes from day one.

The MedSoftPro team is positioned to lead the technology market for medical healthcare systems.